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  • Watermelon diet

    Watermelon diet weight loss


    Watermelon is very easy on its own account: you should eat only watermelons, at a rate of one kilogram of pulp per 10 kilograms of weight (divide on 5-6 doses). If you are tormented by hunger, you can eat 1-2 pieces of black bread more every day.

    Watermelon diet lasts 5 days; in the variant of taking of black bred the diet can last up to 10 days on conditions that you feel yourself well. Look carefully after your state: soma people's organism does not bear watermelon mononutrition. But if you have no problems on second-third day (gravity in stomach, meteorism, other unpleasant feelings), then you will almost surely bear all the necessary term of watermelon diet.

    After finishing of watermelon diet it is recommended to keep watermelon nutrition 10 days more:

    For breakfast and dinner - not sweet boiled in the water cereals (better - porridge), lean meat (fish, poultry), vegetable salads without fat seasonings, cheese a bit.

    For supper - watermelon at a rate of one kilogram of pulp per 30 kilograms of weight.

    The use of watermelon is contra-indicated, if you have kidney stones, sugar diabetes, difficult diseases of pancreas, inherent aperiodicities of genito-urinary system, adenoma of prostate, pyelonephritis, postoperational commissural processes. It is necessary to use watermelon diet with a great care by colitises and inclination to diarrhea.

    Watermelon diet favours not only loss of weight, but also organism purification (in the first place kidney) from chemical wastes, toxins and other harmful substances. Watermelon is the perfect diuretic. Also we can meet the recommendations of kidney stones' removal with the help of watermelons, which I will not give here, because I doubt their harmlessness. But it really worked to feel essential loss of weight and lightness in the whole body after two weeks of watermelon diet and the next watermelon meal.

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