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    Apple diets, apple patch diet

    Apple diet exists in the very different variants. Here I will give you the variant of six-day apple diet.

    first day - 1 k of apples;
    second day - 1,5 k of apples;
    third day - 2 k of apples;
    fourth day - 2 k of apples;
    fifth day - 1,5 k of apples;
    sixth day - 1 k of apples.

    It is allowed to drink tea (better) green, of course, without sugar, different herbal potions. It is allowed to eat 3-5 pieces of black bread (better dentils) per day.
    In such variant the apple diet is, without any doubts, enough difficult. Although the apples, very healthy product, contain almost all the necessary for organism vitamins and microelements, but taking only them during the whole week, you deprive the organism almost completely of inflow as energy (easy digested carbohydrates), as construction materials (proteins and fatty acids). One can lose weight of 5-6 kilograms with the help of six-day variant of the apple diet quite well.
    You can take apples as a whole, as grated one. It is also allowed to take a part of baked apples.
    Pay attention to that, what apples you will take during the diet. Your stomach state depends on it. It is recommended to eat sweet sorts of apples by the peracidity, but do not eat sour apples. On the contrary, it is better to take sour sorts of apples by hypoacidity.

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