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  • Diet "Easy kasha"

    Easy kasha monodied. Kasha recipes

    The base of this diet "Easy kasha" can be any kasha, except semolina. It is necessary to boil kasha in the water from it. You can add a bit mushrooms, vegetable marrows, tomatoes, onion, cabbage, carrot, fruits (as fresh, as dry), honey, nuts.
    Such food make organism healthier and relax it, gives it an effect of rejuvenation. The color of your face becomes better, the aggression lessens and your mood becomes higher.
    If you need to loose superfluous kilograms, keep the diet Easy kasha during 10 days. Thanks to adjustment of exchange processes and improvement of gastrointestinal tract work, the lose of weight is guaranteed.
    You can eat during this diet at any time, even at night. But you should forget about the meat, fish, butter (and in general about any animal fat), sugar, bread, milk, potato, chocolate, jam, baking for these 10 days. It is quite not difficult, because you have a lot of variants of preparing of various and tasteful dishes.

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