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  • Diet "Soup from celery"

    Soup from celery monodiet

    Diet "Soup from celery" lasts one week. All seven days it is recommended to eat vegetables (except potatoes) and fruits (except bananas and grapes), drink mineral not carbonated water without limitations. But the main thing is to eat every day one plate of soup from celery. Its recipe is developed by the American surgeons for that, that with the help of this dish fat patients could lose superfluous weight before surgery. This soup is also called fatburnt.
    The recipe of soup from celery: 400 g of celery stems, 6 middle onions, 500 g of white cabbage, 3 fresh or canned tomatoes, 2 pods of green sweet pepper, black milled pepper, salt. Wash vegetables, dry them, peel and cut in small pieces. Pour 3 liters of water, add salt and pepper to taste. Put the dish on the strong fire, bring soup to a boil and boil for 10 minutes. Then diminish the fire and boil soup, until all the vegetables become soft.

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