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    The rice diet. What is the rice diet


    Rice is a product, which possesses unique features. It is not only delicious and nourishing, but perfectly combines almost with all the products, allowing to prepare the most tasty and various dishes. Moreover, the rice can adsorb and clear the body of chemical waste, salt and other harmful substances. Thanks to these qualities, rice composes the basis of many diets for loss of weight, usually called: rice diets.

    Rice diet in one of the most "hard" variants is: boil a glass of rice and eat during the whole day in not very big portions, taking it with apple juice. If you are tormented by hunger, you can eat 2-3 apples more (better green) during the day. Rice diet lasts in such a variant - from 1 to 3 days, you can repeat one-day variant diet (rice fasting day) once in a week, three-day - once in a month.

    If such variant of rice diet appears too hard for you, try to take more rice, to 500 g in a day, boil it and add (by boiling or after it - it depends upon recipe of concrete dish), fish, meat (only low-fat), vegetables and fruits (carrot, onion, green peas, corn, raisins). We can find and prepare a great amount of such dishes - your culinary fantasy can grow in any place! That is why it will not be difficult to keep this rice diet in this variant. Only follow precondition - the common quantity of all "additives", taken one with another, should not exceed 200 g in a day. Besides this, you can eat to half a kilogram (in a day, not once) of fruits in a day, drink not sweet juices (best of all apple juice), tea without sugar, water - plain and not carbonated. In this variant rice diet lasts up to 7-10 days, you can repeat it not often that once in two months.

    Rice diet is often called the method of organism cleansing, recently entering in fashion, it is not diet really. It concludes in the following: eat on an empty stomach during two weeks every day in the morning tow tablespoons of rice, prepared in a special way (how - a lit low), after that do not eat anything for about two hours. Then you can eat as usual during the whole day, not stinting yourself in everything (however, it will be better to exclude fat and spicy products from food). And it is necessary to prepare the rice for this method in such a way: pour two tablespoons of rice (that is, one morning portion) with a glass of water and keep it in a cold place for 4 days, changing water every day. Wash properly water in 4 days, boil, after boiling wash properly again, and you can eat. In order to have rice every day, it is necessary, as you have already understood, have 4 such glasses, emptying and filling one of them every day.

    By any of variants of rice diet, it is better to use uncleaned rice: it contains, unlike white, enough quantity of vitamins B. It is recommended to take potassium medicines by use of rice diet in any its variation, in order the deficit of this essential element does not form in organism.

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