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    Buckwheat diet, judging by the information on the various internet-sites, is one of the most popular monodiets. Its base, as it is not difficult to guess, contains the use of buckwheat, which we can eat according to this diet in unlimited quantity. In addition to buckwheat diet allows to consume nonfat kefir (up to 1 l in a day) and some not sweet fruits (for instance, 1-2 apples of sour sorts), drink water in any amount. The last time it is allowed to take food in less than 4 hours before sleep.

    In order to prepare the buckwheat for this diet, you should pour it with boiling water and let it draw for a night, do not boil. No spices, salt, and of course, sugar! You can eat buckwheat prepared in such a way in any quantity, and even several times during the whole day, but not before sleep, as it was said above. It is allowed to take or pour buckwheat with kefir, not forgetting, of course, that the general amount of consumed kefir should not exceed more than 1 l in a day.

    Buckwheat diet lasts for about one week, after that you should break it in less than one month. You can find recommendations in some sources about that, buckwheat diet can last 10 days and 2 weeks, but I have very very careful attitude to such advises - as you know diet with buckwheat, as any other monodiet, brings to that, that your organism loses a lot of essential substances, it is clear, it cannot leave without a trace on your health.

    Buckwheat diet allows to loss weight from 3 to 7 k in a week. Besides that, it favours the clearing the body of organism cleansing, chemical waste. You can carry this diet enough easy, if you have calm attitude to the consuming of monotonous food over a long period of time. But I cannot brag of thisЕ That is why, after one testing the buckwheat diet, I will hardly decide to repeat it one more time.

    Rating of this diet: 6

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