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    Kefir diets


    Kefir diet… If you set this question in searching system, then your eyes can scatter from the ways variety of the weight loss with the help of kefir. No wonder. Because you know that kefir is unique product in its way, very low-calorie, and meanwhile well-digested, comprising a great number of healthy nutrients for organism. And not accidentally, that kefir contains a base of many diets for weight loss, and it is present in some more their amount as secondary, if one can say so, product (surely you have heard such names as apple-kefir diet, buckwheat-kefir diet, and many many other sorts of kefir diets).

    Let's talk about some varieties of kefir diet proper. That is, examine that diets, where kefir is the main product.

    The first one we can call kefir diet "in pure kind". Otherwise, it is kefir monodiet. It is concluded in that, that during 3 day you should take only kefir: drink 1-1,5 l (per day) in 5-6 doses in equal periods. Of course, kefir must be without sugar and certainly nonfat.

    There is no doubt that mono variant of kefir diet is more difficult. You can make your life easier, adding a half of kilogram of sweet fruits more and vegetables to the same 1-1,5 l of kefir per day. You can use such variant of diet for about 5-6 days.

    And in conclusion, I will give one of varieties of kefir diets, which is intended for 7 days, more high-calorie and including more various products (all the dishes are prepared without spices, salt and sugar):

  • first day - boiled potato (5 pieces of average size) and 1,5 l of kefir;
  • second day - boiled chicken (100 g) and the same 1,5 l of kefir;
  • third day - boiled low-fat meat, it is best veal (100 g) plus 1,5 l of kefir;
  • fourth day - boiled fish (100 g)and kefir again;
  • fifth day - fruits and vegetables, except high-calorie bananas and grapes (to kilogram) and 1,5 l of kefir;
  • sixth day - only kefir (1,5 l);
  • seventh day - mineral water.

    It is allowed to repeat the diet not earlier than in one month, and better in 1,5-2. And it is clear that it is necessary to take kefir by all variants without sugar and the most nonfat, what you can only find.

    Kefir diet (twelve variants)

    It is common knowledge that kefir is one of the most healthy cultured milk foods. It is used as prophylactic and medical remedy. Kefir has a calm effect upon circulatory and nervous organism system. It is rich in vitamins and mineral nutrients, helps to put stomach work right, makes organism healthier, rejuvenates the skin, makes better the state of hair and nails. Besides that, diets, based on taking kefir, allows enough easy to avoid from superfluous kilograms.

    1. Kefir monodiet

    It is counted on three days. It is necessary to drink from 1 to 1,5 l of kefir without sugar every day, dividing it in 5-6 doses in the same periods of time. Enough hungry, but one can lose weight 3-4 kilograms.

    2. Kefir diet of nutrition institute

    This diet lasts 21 days. You can lose 10 k weight for this time. It is not planned for breakfast, dinner, supper, it does not call concrete dishes, but its main principles are quite understandable.

    The main thing is to reduce calorie content of consumed products. It is excluded sugar, bread, baking, potato. Not less than half of fats should be vegetable in diet. Meat and fish should be low-fat, and milk and dairy products - skimmed. One can eat fruits and vegetables, which do not contain starch, in unlimited quantity.
    You can consume liquid no more than 1,5 l in one day, from them - 1 l of kefir (you can replace one its part by other cultured milk foods of vegetable juice), and the food should contain 500 ml. You can eat salt no more than 5 g (prepared food should be salted). One must eat 5-6 times in a day, at the same time.

    Winter kefir diet

    You should keep this diet not longer than 3 days, and repeat it not often than one time in month. The amount of losing kilograms depends on organism's peculiarities.
    Breakfast. A cup of coffee with milk, omelette, salad from sauerkraut. Or: a cup of tea with honey, a piece if bread with butter, egg, cream of wheat.
    Afternoon snack. A glass of kefir. Or: apple, a piece of cheese.
    Dinner. Beetroot salad, chicken soup, stewed carrot, a piece of bread. Or: mushroom soup, stewed meat with cabbage.
    Lunch. Baked apples. Or: a glass of kefir cocktail.
    Supper. A cup of tea, fish, fried in the vegetable oil, with baked potato. Or: a cup of tea with honey, carrot baked pudding with prunes.
    Before sleep. A glass of kefir, skimmed milk or sour clotted milk.

    Fruit-kefir diet

    It is necessary to drink 1,5-2 l of defat kefir in a day, and also fruits and vegetables in quantities enough to satisfy your hunger. More often in such a way you can arrange fasting days, but you can arrange diet in 3-4 days. With its help you can lose your weight in 2-3 k in 3 days.

    Unloading kefir diet

    This diet is used after holidays, supported by hearty meal. First, it help the organism to rest a bit, secondly, it does not give the habit to come into being of overeating, one of the main causes of superfluous weight. It will be enough to keep this diet one day, that excess food, consumed before, has no impact on your figure.
    Breakfast. A glass of kefir, a piece of bread dried a little. Or: a glass of kefir.
    Afternoon snack. 2 apples, a glass of kefir. Or: a glass of juice.
    Dinner. Vegetable salad, beetroot salad or sauerkraut. Or: 200 g of boiled fish.
    Lunch. A glass of kefir. Or: fruits (preferentially apples).
    Supper. A piece of cheese, 1-2 apples. Or: carrot baked pudding, a piece of bread.
    Before sleep. A glass of kefir or milk.

    "Stripped" kefir diet

    One can bear it for a long time, because it is absolutely not difficult. The lose of weight depends upon organism peculiarities. The essence of diet is simple. One day - only kefir 1% of fat content (in any quantity), second day - any products without limitations. Sometimes instead of kefir you can drink uncarbonated water.

    Kefir-apple diet

    It is counted on 9 days. It gives lasting effect. You can lose till 9 k of weight.
    The first three days. Daily - 1,5 l of defat kefir.
    The second three days. Daily - 1,5 k of fresh apples.
    The third three days. Daily - 1,5 l of defat kefir.
    Keeping this diet, you can feel weakness; from time to time you can add proteins and carbohydrates.

    Nine-day kefir diet

    It is hard diet, which allows losing 8-9 k in 9 days. You must stop it carefully, without overeating not falling on the high-calorie products.
    The first three days. All day long - kefir 1% of fat content in any quantity, 100 g of rice, boiled without salt.
    The second three days. All day long - kefir 1% of fat content in any quantity, 100 g of chicken sirloin (white meat), boiled without salt.
    The last three days. All day long - kefir 1% of fat content in any quantity, fresh apples in any quantity.

    Eight-day kefir diet

    It is hard diet, in structure and quantity of products, it is insufficient for normal functioning of organism. Before its adoption it is necessary to consult a doctor. If there are any diseases, it will be better to refuse from this diet at all.
    It is necessary to eat all the recommended by the diet products during 3 days in 3-4 doses. It is impossible to change the product structure, and all the more to add something (especially sugar and salt). You can drink water in unlimited amount.
    The first day. 500 ml of kefir, 3-4 tubers of boiled potato.
    The second day. 500 ml of kefir, 500 g of dried fruit.
    The third day. 500 ml of kefir, 500 g of cottage cheese.
    The fourth day. 500 ml of kefir, 500 g of sour cream.
    The fifth day. 500 ml of kefir, 300 g of boiled chicken meat.
    The sixth day. 500 ml of kefir, 2 k of fresh fruits.
    The seventh day. 2-3 l of kefir.
    The eighth day. Mineral water in unlimited amount.

    Weekly kefir diet

    It is necessary to prepare and eat all the dishes without salt and sugar. As it is enough hard, it is recommended to repeat it not often than one time in two-three moths. As you succeed in losing weight, it depends upon peculiarities of your organism. The average loss of weight - for about 5 kilograms.
    The first day - 1,5 of kefir and 5 boiled tubers of potato.
    The second day - 1,5 l of kefir and 100 g of boiled chicken meat ( better - white).
    The third day - 1,5 l of kefir and 100 g of boiled low-fat meat (preferentially - beef or veal).
    The fourth day - 1,5 l of kefir and 100 g of boiled low-fat fish.
    The fifth day - 1,5 l of kefir, fruits and vegetables (except bananas and grapes, which contain too many calories).
    The sixth day - 1,5-2 l of kefir.
    The seventh day - mineral water in unlimited amount (better - uncarbonated).
    It is necessary to drink one glass of kefir in 3-4 hours in day. Besides that, you can change kefir during the day. For example, at first simple low-fat, after that fruit, and then bifidus kefir. You can drink water, it will be better to drink mineral, spring or that which is selled in bottles. You cannot drink coffee or tea.

    Five-day kefir diet

    You can 5 k of weight with its help. The peculiarity of this diet is that it is necessary to eat strictly by hours.
    7.00 - a cup of tea without sugar.
    9.00 - salad from two average carrots, grated on the middle grater and dressed with vegetable oil.
    11.00 - 200 g of boiled beef or chicken white meat.
    13.00 - apple.
    15.00 - hard-boiled egg.
    17.00 - apple.
    19.00 - 10 pieces of prunes.
    21.00 - a glass of kefir and pill "Iodine-asset".

    Kefir-curd fasting days

    The effect of such days is stipulated by that, that kefir and cottage cheese stimulate metabolism, keep the organism losing energy and thereby contributes to lose weight. For one "curd" day, it is necessary to eat 500-600 g of low-fat cottage cheese, dividing it in 5-6 doses. You can take only water with it.
    "Kefir" day - it is 1,5 l of low-fat kefir, also dividing into 5-6 doses.
    "Kefir-curd" day - it is 250-300 g of low-fat cottage cheese and 750 ml of kefir, and eaten again in 5-6 doses.

    Rating of this diet: 8

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