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    Potato diet

    As many others diets, potato diet exists in a lot of variants, differed, first of all, from them, by the quantity of the main consumed product (potato), and also by quantity and assortment "additives", that is other products, consumed with potato.
    The most difficult variant of potato diet, which I succeeded in, is: for breakfast drink a glass of milk, for dinner - 300 g of mashed potato, for supper - potato salad (250 g of potato and one hard-boiled egg, cut, and salt a bit, add a bit of vinegar and spice with vegetable oil; you can powder with black pepper). This variant of potato diet allows losing weight up to 500 g in a day. You can keep this diet 3-5 days; do not repeat more often than once in a month.
    The softer variant of diet: boil 1 kilogram of jacket potatoes and divide into 5-6 meal doses. Eat without salt, but possible (or even necessary) to powder potato with greens - dill, caraway, parsley, green onion. If you are tormented by hunger very much by such a diet, you can eat a piece of bread with butter for breakfast, and for the dinner - a bit of fresh vegetables (carrot, cabbage, cucumbers, and onions). You can drink mineral water, herbal potions, tea without sugar (better green).
    You can do the diet softer, adding to the menu of previous variant up to 100 g of cottage cheese or cheese, stewed vegetables (carrot, tomatoes) - up to 200 g, not very big (to 50 g) piece of lean meat or 1-2 hard-boiled eggs or in the form of fried eggs.
    Such diet lasts for about 7-10 days; you can repeat this diet not often than once in two months.
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