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  • Cabbage diet

    Cabbage diet, cabbage soup diet


    The description of cabbage diet is rather easy:

    Breakfast - coffee without sugar, possible with sweetener.

    Dinner - salad with any quantity of cabbage with one tablespoon of unrefined vegetable oil; it is added one hard-boiled egg to the dinner.

    Supper - 200 g of boiled lean meat or fish or glass of kefir (bifidus, or natural drinking yoghurt without admixtures).

    Do not salt anything. You can eat cabbage in any quantity without any additions, between the main doses of food. Use the fresh cabbage (but it will not be terrible, if you give a treat to eat sometimes sauerkraut). You can drink water or green tear, up to 2 l in a day.

    This diet lasts 10 days.

    Everybody who kept it assure that you can lose up to 7 or 10 kilograms for these days. The diet is rather difficult, very low-calorie (200 g of meat - it is about 500 kilocalories, a spoon of oil - 100, one kilogram of cabbage - 300 more), low-carbohydrate. You will not be tormented by the feeling of hunger, because you will always fill your stomach with something: the diet does not limit the amount of consumed cabbage. But you can have an aversion for the cabbage for life.

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